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Introducing FMCSA approved SteerRight ELD, the most flexible ELD solution provider that puts your business first!

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SteerRight ELD: Flexible ELD Solutions for US Trucking
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Thanks to ELD Apps approved by FMCSA, ensuring drivers adhere to optimal safety practices on the road has never been easier! ELDs (Electronic Logging Devices), explicitly designed for this purpose, are now a mandatory requirement for commercial drivers, as stipulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).
At SteerRight, we offer a top tracking system with our ELD solution designed to record the hours a driver spends behind the wheel accurately. This ensures strict compliance with federal regulations, preventing any violations related to excessive driving hours. With our advanced ELD solution, your workforce will consistently uphold the highest standards of driving practices in accordance with government regulations.

Experience unparalleled convenience with our FMCSA-certified ELD, designed to simplify your driver’s daily tasks. By seamlessly connecting directly to your vehicle, SteerRight ELD ensures enhanced accuracy and automated logging, freeing up valuable time for your drivers. SteerRight ELD solution also includes 24/7 phone support, ensuring that assistance is just a call away whenever you need it. Say goodbye to complexity and hello to seamless operations with our cutting-edge ELD solution.

SteerRight ELD: Flexible ELD Solutions for US Trucking

We understand that the DOT audit can be a daunting process, therefore our solution comes with DOT audit support. Our team of experts is always ready to assist you in preparing for audit and ensuring FMCSA compliance.

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FMCSA Approved ELD
24/7 driver and carrier support
HOS Compliane and Monitoring
On demand HOS monitoring to avoid common mistakes that cause HOS violations
DOT inspection mode
Removal of HOS violations from FMCSA and DOT audit support
Electronic DVIR
100% uptime across all platforms (iOS and Android)
Fleet tracking & IFTA
Support in multiple languages

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Vehicle Tracking Solutions with ELD

Leverage the power of GPS tracking in ELD to enhance real-time visibility, optimize routes, and ensure compliance with accuracy! As an ELD company, SteerRight goes beyond the standard ELD requirements by offering robust vehicle tracking solutions. The provision of ELD with GPS tracking technology allows real-time monitoring of vehicles, enabling businesses to optimize routes, monitor driver behavior, and enhance overall fleet management.

How it Works

Here is how SteerRight can simplify your Work Order Management Process.

01 – DVIR (Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports)
Efficiently complete daily vehicle inspection reports electronically, promoting safety and staying ahead of maintenance plans.

02 – HOS (Hours of Service)
Record and monitor driver work hours effortlessly using our electronic logbook. Access and download detailed reports for efficient fleet management.

03 – Updates
Stay informed with timely updates and enhancements to ensure your experience with SteerRight remains cutting-edge and seamlessly meets your evolving needs.

Feel the SteerRight Difference with Our Top Tracking System ELD

Our ELD solution goes beyond mere compliance. We provide a comprehensive tool designed to boost your fleet’s efficiency. Explore the features that make SteerRight the top choice for ELD solutions in the market.

  • Flexible connectivity- Integrate SteerRight ELD effortlessly with your existing systems for a smooth transition.
  • Real-Time tracking- Stay informed with GPS tracking ELD, allowing you to monitor your fleet’s location in real-time.
  • User-friendly interface- Our ELD app offers an intuitive interface, reducing training time and ensuring ease of use for drivers.
  • DOT audit support- Navigate DOT audits confidently with our expert support team by your side.
  • No hidden fees- Enjoy transparent pricing with no hidden fees or penalties. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Leverage the best ELD apps approved by FMCSA with SteerRight Today

Do you want to streamline your fleet management with our ELD systems? Reaching out to us today! Our team is ready and eager to address any inquiries you may have about our product lineup. Moreover, we are here to offer guidance to ensure your transportation company remains current and optimized.

Choose SteerRight as your ELD solution provider and experience the convenience of smooth operations, FMCSA-approved compliance, and a partner ready to support your success.

Frequently asked questions

Is the SteerRight ELD solution complaint with the US ELD mandates?

Yes, SteerRight ELD is certified and authorized for use across the United States, having met the regulatory requirements of the U.S. ELD mandate. It is FMCSA-registered, approved, and fully certified for both Android and iOS platforms.

Do I need a new device to use SteerRigtht ELD?

SteerRight ELD will work with PT30 ELD device. PT30 can be purchased from us by calling (online store coming soon)

Do I need a new mobile device to use SteerRight ELD?

Most Android and iPhone and iPad devices are compatible with the SteerRight ELD App. It is recommended to use a separate tablet (Android or iPad) with SteerRight ELD to avoid service interruptions.

What vehicles are compatible with SteerRight ELD?

SteerRight ELD can plug into standard 9-pin, 6-pin, and OBDII diagnostic ports. For 2013 or newer Mack or Volvo trucks, a special cable harness is provided. Y-cables are also available for discreet installation.

How does the SteerRight ELD record driving time?

The SteerRight ELD considers the vehicle to be in motion once it detects a speed greater than 5 MPH, and stationary when the speed returns to 0 MPH. The ELD automatically records driving time in the driver’s electronic logbook when their mobile device is connected to the vehicle and selected in the SteerRight App. It’s important to note that the 5 MPH speed threshold is not configurable due to the ELD mandate.

Does SteerRight ELD support Personal Conveyance and Yard Move?

Yes, drivers using the SteerRight App can select the Personal Conveyance or Yard Move special driving categories, provided the fleet manager has enabled these options. When a driver selects Personal Conveyance, any driving time recorded by the Vehicle Gateway will be considered as offduty time. Conversely, when the driver selects Yard Move, the driving time will be considered as onduty time. Fleet managers can enable or disable these special driving categories.

What cycle rules does SteerRight support?

SteerRight supports the following HOS cycle rules:
• USA 70 hours / 8 days
• USA 60 hours / 7 days
• USA Short Haul
• California 80 hours / 8 days
• Texas 70 hours / 7 days
• Alaska 70 hours / 7 days
• Alaska 80 hours / 8 days

Does SteerRight support team driving?

Yes, teams with up to nine co-drivers can easily manage their Hours of Service (HOS) and view inspections and documents from a shared device. With the SteerRight ELD, drivers can seamlessly switch between profiles without having to log in and out, providing a smooth and efficient experience for team drivers.

What happens when a driver is in an area with no cellular data service?

SteerRight App is functional even when offline. The SteerRight ELD will still collect GPS and vehicle data from the vehicle’s diagnostic port (ECM) and transfer it to the Driver App. Once the mobile device regains an internet connection, the data will automatically sync and backup to SteerRight’s servers.

What happens if the driver forgets to connect to their SteerRight before driving?

In the event that a driver forgets to log into their Driver App and connect to the Vehicle Gateway before driving or if the connection gets interrupted, the SteerRight ELD will still record all driving time under the unidentified driver profile to remain compliant with ELD regulations. Once the driver reconnects to the Vehicle Gateway, they will be prompted with the option to accept or reject any trips that were generated under the unidentified driver profile.

What data transfer types does SteerRight ELD support for roadside inspections?

SteerRight ELD supports the two telematics data transfer protocols that are mandated by the FMCSA for roadside inspections, which are web services and email.

SteerRight ELD provides 24/7 support in multiple languages.