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GPS Tracking for Fleet Vehicles with Fleet Management Software

Presenting our fleet GPS tracking system for tracking fleet vehicles when they are in transit, ensuring driving safety, accountability, and efficiency via consistent monitoring! 

SteerRight fleet management system allows you to find out where your fleet, equipment, or assets are in real-time and get useful data about the driver’s performance.

SteerRight ELD: Flexible ELD Solutions for US Trucking
SteerRight | Gps Fleet Tracking

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    SteerRight | Gps Fleet Tracking
    SteerRight | Gps Fleet Tracking
    SteerRight | Gps Fleet Tracking
    SteerRight | Gps Fleet Tracking

    Monitor an entire fleet of vehicles with a user-friendly solution

    1. Simple-to-install, robust tracking devices
    2. Monitor the mobility of vehicles, assets, and equipment
    3. Oversee driver behavior and improve delivery route efficiency
    4. Retrieve data through desktops, mobile phones, or tablets
    5. Secure against tampering
    6. Certified by FMCSA
    7. Reports customized to your preferences
    8. Benefit from 24/7 customer support based in the United States
    SteerRight | Gps Fleet Tracking
    SteerRight | Gps Fleet Tracking
    SteerRight | Gps Fleet Tracking

    GPS Fleet and Asset GPS Tracker Features

    SteerRight | Gps Fleet Tracking
    Real-Time GPS Tracking for fleet management

    Keep a close eye on ongoing routes to stay updated on vehicle locations, allowing you to allocate, modify, or redirect resources in real-time.

    SteerRight | Gps Fleet Tracking
    SteerRight | Gps Fleet Tracking
    Driver Performance Reports

    Access customizable reports that provide insights into driver behavior, including any undesirable habits! Explore route replays, receive tips to enhance fuel efficiency, and more.

    SteerRight | Gps Fleet Tracking
    Electronic DVIR

    Ensure 100% uptime with our Electronic DVIR on Android and iOS. Streamline inspections for optimal fleet management, guaranteeing reliable and efficient performance across all platforms.

    SteerRight | Gps Fleet Tracking
    Fleet tracking & IFTA

    Optimize fleet operations with our advanced tracking system and streamline IFTA reporting effortlessly. Benefit from expert assistance and multilingual support for a seamless experience.

    SteerRight | Gps Fleet Tracking
    SteerRight | Gps Fleet Tracking
    Geo-fencing & alerts with GPS asset tracker

    Establish geo-fence zones and receive reports and alerts should vehicles or assets deviate from the specified area with asset GPS tracking.

    SteerRight | Gps Fleet Tracking
    SteerRight | Gps Fleet Tracking
    Historical Route Replays

    Experience fleet history with precision through interactive route replays. Analyze each day in comprehensive trip sections for a thorough review of historical routes and activities.

    SteerRight | Gps Fleet Tracking
    Tracking idle time

    Monitoring and tracking job progress, receiving real-time verification when job is completed. Monitor instances of idling and their durations, facilitating reduction of fuel usage.

    SteerRight | Gps Fleet Tracking
    Vehicle Maintenance Management

    Keep track of maintenance schedule for your fleet and receive timely prompts when a scheduled item is due.

    SteerRight | Gps Fleet Tracking

    Streamlined fleet tracking gets more done
    with fewer resources

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    SteerRight | Gps Fleet Tracking
    SteerRight | Gps Fleet Tracking

    SteerRight GPS Asset Tracking System- Real-time Asset GPS Tracking

    Serves as an asset tracking software, providing businesses with accuracy in asset management! This efficient GPS asset management software allows for the monitoring of equipment, merchandise, and other valuable assets. With features like geo-fencing and utilization reports, businesses can ensure that their assets are where they need to be, when they need to be there, contributing to smoother operations with the GPS asset tracking system.


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    GPS tracking for fleet trucks Performance Analysis

    Examine your fleet’s performance across various timeframes, identifying crucial trends by team, department, or throughout the entire fleet. Utilize our customizable dashboards to effortlessly assess your progress for KPIs or budgets, benefitting from real-time fleet analytics offered by our GPS fleet vehicle tracking software.

    SteerRight | Gps Fleet Tracking
    SteerRight | Gps Fleet Tracking
    SteerRight | Gps Fleet Tracking

    Get Your Solution for GPS Tracking For Fleet Vehicles with SteerRight

    From the planning phase through implementation, incorporation, and training, we are committed to supporting you in enhancing your outcomes, boosting your return on investment, and improving your overall financial performance.
    We provide the tools you need to navigate the complexities of modern fleet operations and asset management successfully. Contact us today for information!

    SteerRight | Gps Fleet Tracking

    Who can benefit from GPS fleet tracking software?

    For fleet owners seeking a user-friendly vehicle tracking solution that tackles common challenges like raised fuel expenses, workforce productivity, driver safety, compliance, and asset security.
    With various setup choices and a cost-effective monthly fee, you can access the advantages of one of the best fleet GPS tracking systems in the market.

    Simplify adherence to regulations with an ELD.

    An electronic logging device (ELD) aids truck drivers in effectively managing compliance with federal regulations related to recording on-duty/off-duty status and breaks.
    Our fleet management tracking solution allows direct linkage to the vehicle, improving the accuracy of hours of service (HOS) logs and minimizing the risk of fines due to missing data.

    SteerRight | Gps Fleet Tracking
    SteerRight | Gps Fleet Tracking

    Start enjoying the benefits of SteerRight ELD solution

    SteerRight | Gps Fleet Tracking
    SteerRight | Gps Fleet Tracking

    Monitor driver behaviors with GPS vehicle tracker to promote safety

    Improve the safety and efficiency of managing your fleet by utilizing the features of a GPS vehicle tracker. Our GPS fleet tracker is an asset-tracking system that can revolutionize the way businesses handle their fleet-tracking needs.

    Our state-of-the-art fleet tracking software offers real-time GPS tracking for your fleet allowing you to have visibility, into their movements. With this technology you can monitor driver behavior optimize routes and improve efficiency with utmost precision.

    Our GPS tracker is designed to be versatile and reliable making it a perfect companion for businesses across industries. Whether you need to track your fleet vehicles or manage asset tracking through GPS our system simplifies the complexities of fleet management.

    Discover the power of our GPS fleet management and asset tracking software that combines cutting-edge GPS technology with an emphasis on safety and accountability. Whether your focus is on fleet vehicle tracking or asset monitoring through GPS our system provides real-time insights enabling you to make decisions that positively impact your business line.

    Invest in the future of fleet management with our GPS fleet tracker. Witness a transformation in your operations. From efficient fleet vehicle tracking to management of assets, through GPS our solution gives you control and security in every aspect of your business.
    Supercharge your fleet management approach, with the accuracy and dependability provided by our cutting-edge GPS asset tracking system.

    Spotlight Mobile App: Navigating Excellence in Fleet and Asset Tracking

    Transform your fleet management with the Spotlight Mobile App. The solution is for precision and control. Packed with a range of features this app is tailored to optimize your fleet efficiency and ensure you always “Steer Right”.

    Unleash the potential of GPS tracking for your fleet vehicles. Enjoy a top-tier asset tracking system. Our state-of-the-art GPS fleet tracking systems provide real time insights guaranteeing performance and security. The Spotlight Mobile App goes above. Beyond fleet tracking software by offering a comprehensive GPS fleet management solution.

    Whether you need GPS tracking for your trucks or heavy equipment our reliable GPS fleet tracker is designed to meet your needs. Seamlessly monitor all your assets with our asset tracking software and advanced GPS asset tracking system. Rely on the Spotlight Mobile App for fleet vehicle tracking and efficient GPS asset management. The key to fleet management and effective asset monitoring.

    Embrace the future of fleet and asset tracking with confidence, powered by the cutting-edge Spotlight Mobile App. An epitome of excellence, in GPS technology.

    SteerRight | Gps Fleet Tracking
    SteerRight | Gps Fleet Tracking

    Frequently asked questions

    What is the mechanism behind fleet GPS tracking?

    At the core of the GPS fleet tracker lies a tracking device that collects real-time information regarding the vehicle’s location and status. This solution acquires GPS data and transmits it to a central server. Subsequently, the data undergoes processing and is transformed into updates that can be accessed through fleet management software.

    How does the GPS tracker for heavy equipment prevent theft and enhance security?

    The GPS tracker for heavy equipment provides real-time location monitoring, alerts for unauthorized movement, and geo-fencing capabilities, ensuring the security of valuable assets.

    What role does real-time GPS fleet tracking play in emergency response situations?

    Real-time GPS fleet tracking enables businesses to respond promptly to emergencies by rerouting vehicles and coordinating a swift and effective response.

    Can the GPS fleet tracking software be employed as an ELD for Hours of Service?

    Certainly! Our GPS tracking system serves as an Electronic Logging Device (ELD) for Hours of Service (HOS) compliance. It effectively logs hours of service, ensuring that your vehicle adheres to the ELD mandate.

    How does your GPS fleet management system contribute to cost reduction in fleet operations?

    Our solution allows real-time GPS fleet tracking and offers detailed insights into fuel consumption, maintenance schedules, and driver behavior. These features enable businesses to identify cost-saving opportunities and optimize their overall operational budget.

    How does fleet tracking software enhance operational efficiency?

    Fleet tracking software provides real-time data on vehicle locations, driver behavior, and maintenance needs. This information enables businesses to make informed decisions, optimize routes, and improve overall fleet efficiency.

    How can a GPS-tracking fleet management system improve overall business productivity?

    A GPS-tracking fleet management system offers insights into fuel consumption, maintenance schedules, and driver behavior. By leveraging this information, businesses can identify inefficiencies, reduce costs, and optimize their operational budget.

    Who can benefit from SteerRight's GPS fleet tracking software?

    SteerRight’s solution is designed for fleet owners seeking a user-friendly vehicle tracking system to address challenges such as fuel expenses, workforce productivity, driver safety, compliance, and asset security. With various setup choices and a cost-effective monthly fee, it’s accessible for businesses of all sizes.

    How can SteerRight's GPS fleet tracking system benefit my business?

    Our system enables you to monitor your entire fleet, improve driver behavior, optimize routes, and receive customized reports. It helps in enhancing delivery route efficiency, reducing fuel usage, and ensuring compliance with regulations.

    How easy is it to install the GPS fleet tracking system, and what options do I have for accessing data?

    SteerRight offers a straightforward installation process for our robust tracking devices, making it easy for businesses to start monitoring their fleet. You can access real-time data from the system through desktops, mobile phones, or tablets, providing flexibility in tracking your fleet’s information

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