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USDOT Compliance and Safety Services

Let us do the heavy lifting of DOT compliance.  Hire us to help you comply with all the rules and regulations of DOT and FMCSA. Below are our most popular compliance services. Additionally, we can setup a custom DOT compliance service for you.

Safety Package1

per Driver/Month

Audit Preparation2

per Driver

Company Formation3


  • 1. Our Safety Package includes the following:
    • Driver files establishment and monitoring;
    • Vehicle files establishment and monitoring;
    • IRP registration and monitoring;
    • Permit issuance;
    • IFTA calculations;
    • Preparing in-truck files;
    • Drug test registration and test scheduling;
    • Hiring employees;
    • Clearinghouse establishment and monitoring;
  • 2. Our Audit Preparation service includes the following:
    • Preparation of all requested audit files;
    • Conducting mock Safety Audit;
  • 3. Our Company Formation service includes the following:
    • EIN (Tax ID/Federal ID) registration;
    • Obtaining DOT Number and updates;
    • Motor Carrier Authority registration;
    • BOC3 (Process Agents) Filing;

Call or email us to sign up or find out more. We speak English and Russian.

Safety Score:
We help companies to improve their Safety Level by:

  • CSA (Compliance/Safety/Accountability) control
  • Inspections overview and correct handling


We work with each violation/non-violation in order to control the Safety score and to prevent further violations occurring. There are several ways of doing it:

  • DATA-Q the file in order to show some evidence and claim the inspection
  • Dispute the violation by hiring attorneys and further investigation
  • Train the drivers and prevent from further violations occurring

We continuously watch and control the Safety scores and examine the reason of them rising with continuously getting feedback with DOT.


  • Register and update USDOT/MC authority information biannually or on demand of the company.
  • Obtain operation authority registration

Audit Preparation:

  • Prepare all requested audit files
  • Conduct mock Safety Audit practices

Driver Qualification:

  • Company personalized driver application
  • Employment verification for each driver
  • Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) account set up and retrieval
  • Medical Examiner’s Certificate verification
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing directory
  • PSP account set up and control
  • Driver Files maintenance

Applications and Hiring:

  • Help the company to hire qualified drivers
  • Explain the drivers the standards and held a training after hiring
  • Help the company to collect all the files required inside the truck


  • On time help and communication during the accidents
  • Drug test directory during accidents
  • Insurance Claim support


  • All State permits: KY; OR; NM; NY
  • Tax filing
  • IFTA filing
  • IFTA decals
  • HAZMAT permits


  • Truck and trailer data filing
  • Maintenance data filing
  • EZPass and other systems data filing
  • Vehicle Inspection record and filing