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ELDs are electronic devices mandated by the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) to record a driver’s Hours of Service (HOS) electronically. These devices ensure accurate and tamper-resistant logging, facilitating compliance with driving regulations.

SteerRight | Ensuring Compliance with ELD Apps Approved by FMCSA

In addition to HOS tracking, modern ELD tracking devices often integrate with vehicle tracking solutions, providing real-time data on a vehicle’s location, movements, and other pertinent information.

In this blog, we take a look at the key features of ELD apps approved by FMCSA and what aspects to consider when implementing an ELD tracking system. 

Key Features of Vehicle Tracking Solutions ELD

Besides compliance with Hours of Service (HOS) regulations, ELD tracking systems have a myriad of features. These systems are designed to provide a complete solution that addresses various aspects of fleet management. Here is an in-depth look at some of the prominent features:

Real-time GPS tracking

 ELD tracking devices incorporate real-time GPS tracking, allowing fleet managers to monitor the precise location and movement of each vehicle in real-time. This feature is instrumental in gaining a holistic view of the fleet’s current status, enabling timely decision-making and efficient resource allocation. It helps in optimizing routes, reducing fuel consumption, and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Route optimization

ELD tracking devices not only aid in basic navigation but also offer route optimization capabilities. These systems leverage advanced algorithms to analyze real-time traffic conditions, weather updates, and other relevant factors. By providing optimized routes, fleet managers can ensure that drivers take the most efficient paths, reducing travel time, minimizing fuel costs, and enhancing overall productivity.

Vehicle health monitoring

Another critical feature of ELD tracking systems is vehicle health monitoring. These systems can collect and analyze data related to the health and performance of each vehicle in the fleet. By tracking factors such as engine diagnostics, fuel efficiency, and maintenance needs, fleet managers can implement proactive maintenance strategies. Addressing potential issues before they escalate ensures that vehicles remain in optimal condition, reducing downtime and avoiding costly repairs.

Comprehensive reporting tools

SteerRight | Ensuring Compliance with ELD Apps Approved by FMCSA

ELDs offer strong reporting tools that generate detailed insights into various aspects of fleet operations. These reports can cover a wide range of metrics, including driver behavior, fuel consumption, compliance status, and more. By having access to comprehensive data, fleet managers can make informed decisions, identify areas for improvement, and implement strategies to enhance overall fleet performance.

The strength of ELD tracking systems lies in their ability to integrate these diverse features into a unified platform. This integration creates a centralized hub where fleet managers can access real-time GPS data, optimize routes, monitor vehicle health, and generate insightful reports, all within a single interface. This aids in the decision-making process, eliminating the need to toggle between different systems or platforms. 

FMCSA Certified ELD Providers

The FMCSA certification process is rigorous and designed to validate that ELDs meet the necessary technical specifications and standards. When searching for ELD solutions, it is crucial to prioritize FMCSA-approved providers to guarantee compliance and avoid potential penalties. FMCSA certified ELD providers undergo thorough testing to ensure their systems adhere to the regulations, providing fleets with confidence in their chosen solutions.

Some FMCSA certified ELD providers include


GPS TrackIt ELD is an FMCSA-approved comprehensive solution that offers a user-friendly ELD app that integrates with its advanced tracking system. This solution provides real-time visibility into a fleet’s activities, allowing for proactive decision-making and improved operational efficiency.

Verizon Connect ELD

Verizon Connect is another FMCSA-approved ELD service provider known for its comprehensive tracking and compliance solutions. The Verizon Connect ELD offers real-time insights into HOS, along with additional features such as route optimization and maintenance tracking. This integrated approach improves overall fleet management, making it a popular choice among transportation companies.

KeepTruckin ELD

KeepTruckin is a leading ELD service provider that offers a user-friendly app with FMCSA certification. KeepTruckin’s ELD solution focuses on simplicity and compliance, providing features like real-time tracking, automated logs, and vehicle inspection reports. The cloud-based platform ensures accessibility and ease of use for both drivers and fleet managers.

Steer Right ELD

Steer Right is rapidly emerging as a trusted and FMCSA-approved ELD service provider, facilitating compliance and efficiency in fleet management. With user-friendly features and strict adherence to regulatory standards, Steer Right’s ELD solution offers a smooth user experience, empowering businesses to navigate regulatory compliance with confidence and reliability.

Elements to consider when Implementing ELD Tracking System

When implementing ELD tracking systems in your fleet, there are a few pertinent aspects that must be considered. 

Driver acceptance– Introducing ELD devices may face resistance from drivers. Clear communication about the benefits, training, and ongoing support is essential to overcome this challenge. 

Integration with existing systems– Ensuring integration with any existing fleet management systems is vital for a smooth transition to ELD solutions. 

Data security and privacy- As with any technology, ELDs require robust cybersecurity measures to protect sensitive data and address privacy concerns.

Final Thoughts

Electronic logging devices (ELDs) in the market vary significantly, necessitating consideration of factors such as user experience, post-sale support, and technology reliability. Recognizing common issues like deficient customer support, driver dissatisfaction with ELD complexity, undisclosed fees, or challenges with back-office tasks indicates a potential need for a provider change. Exploring alternatives can lead to a more efficient and satisfying experience for both users and fleet managers.

Steer Right serves as a reliable ELD partner for both extensive trucking enterprises and individual truck operators. It offers a practical and efficient solution for fleets of all sizes. The Steer Right app aligns with the mandated standards, ensuring tested performance, certification, and registration. It adheres to the mandate’s directives on required supporting documents for inspections and safeguards drivers, providing a recourse platform for their protection.

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