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The PT30 Pacific tracker device has emerged as a remarkable ELD hardware solution that can significantly aid in enhancing the efficiency of your fleet management. The feature-rich solution not only ensures compliance with stringent regulations like those of the FMCSA but also goes beyond enhancing fleet efficiency.

The ELD Hardware PT30 features a robust and durable construction with easy-to-install and integration capability. In this blog, we explore the various features of the Pacific tracker device and highlight the various features that make it an efficient and reliable ELD solution.

ELD Hardware PT30- Key Features

ELD hardware refers to the physical component of an ELD (Electronic Logging Device) that is designed to capture and transmit data that ensures compliance with HOS regulations. It includes devices that connect to the vehicle’s engine and communicate with ELD software to record data accurately.

The Pacific Track PT30 is an ELD specifically designed to address the aspects of monitoring HOS (Hours of Service) in complete compliance with the FMCSA (Federal Motors Carrier Safety Administration) and other regulatory bodies worldwide. What sets the PT30 apart is its capability to connect easily using BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology, conveniently integrated right within the app. 

The Pacific Tracker Device is easy to install as it only requires one connection to the diagnostic connectors port present inside the vehicle. Here are some of the key features that make the PT30 a reliable and efficient ELD solution.

Multi-Interface compatibility

The PT30 is equipped with J1939, and OBD-II, and J1708/J1587, compliant interface, ensuring it can interface with a wide variety of vehicle types and models. This versatility makes it an excellent choice, particularly if you have a diverse fleet.

Durable built

When it comes to ELD hardware, durability is a critical consideration. The PT30 ELD device has been purpose-built not only to meet but exceed the demands of the road. Overall, the PT30 ELD hardware features a robust construction purposefully designed to cope with and counter the formidable challenges within the transportation industry. It features incredible shock resistance, a weatherproof casing, and has the capability to endure drastic temperature fluctuations. 

Integrated GPS engine and antenna

The inclusion of an integrated GPS engine and antenna provides real-time location data. This feature is important for not only tracking the vehicle’s whereabouts but also for optimizing routing and ensuring reporting is executed accurately.

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) wireless interface

BLE technology enables consistent and efficient communication between the PT30 and the connected devices. This wireless connection eliminates the need for cumbrous cables and makes the process of data transfer easy between the ELD and other applications or devices.

Ample storage capacity

The PT30 is equipped with large-capacity storage designed to support offline operations. This feature is particularly valuable for ensuring uninterrupted data collection, even in areas where the network connectivity is poor or non-existent. The stored data can then later be synchronized when the connectivity has been restored.

Customizable behavior

One of the most standout features of the PT30 is its ability to be tailored to meet specific customer requirements. Fleet managers and operators can customize their device’s behavior to align with their unique operational needs and preferences.

Driving behavior analysis

The PT30 also incorporates a 3-axis accelerometer, which is vital for analyzing driving behavior. This sensor can detect acceleration, deceleration, and lateral movement, providing valuable insights into driver performance and safety. As a fleet manager, you can use this data to promote safe driving practices and enhance overall road safety.

Easy to install

The installation process for the PT30 ELD device is quite straightforward. With a user-friendly setup procedure, you can swiftly have it operational. This translates to minimized downtime and a prompt return of your fleet to the road.

Enhance Your Fleet Management with Pacific Track PT30

The Pacific Tracker device PT30 is a remarkable ELD hardware solution that promises to enhance your fleet management. Here is how you can leverage its features to improve your fleet management operations.

  • Enhanced compliance– PT30 can help ensure compliance with HOS regulations, reducing the risk of non-compliance and consequent challenges or penalties.
  • Data accuracy- The device provides accurate and automated data recording, reducing the scope for human error.
  • Real-time visibility- Real-time data and GPS capabilities offer your fleet managers increased visibility into their operations.
  • Improved safety- Customizable alerts and tamper-resistant features enhance safety and security.
  • Efficient route planning- With GPS and real-time data, fleet managers can optimize routes, reducing fuel costs and improving efficiency.
  • Reduced administrative burden– Automated log generation minimizes the administrative burden on drivers and fleet managers.
  • Data-driven decision-making- Comprehensive reporting tools empower you to make data-driven decisions that will aid in improving your fleet performance.

Invest in the ELD Hardware PT30 at SteerRight

Overall, the Pacific Tracker device PT30 is a feature-rich ELD that is renowned for its compliance and reliability, built to withstand the demands of the transportation industry. Its BLE connectivity, wide-ranging interface compatibility, real-time GPS tracking, and customizable features make it a versatile and efficient solution for fleets of all sizes. 

Furthermore, its ability to store data for offline operations and analyze driving behavior sets it apart as a valuable tool in the transportation and logistics industry, where both compliance and safety are paramount. 

SteerRight offers a Wholesale Bundle for the PT30 ELD Hardware designed to streamline fleet operations and compliance. This bundle offers bulk purchase discounts, cost savings, and simplified procurement, making it ideal for fleets of all sizes. Implementing the bundle ensures uniformity and efficiency across your entire fleet, providing comprehensive fleet management. 

Invest in this cost-effective solution and equip your vehicles with reliable and compliant ELD hardware while staying within your budget.

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