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Commercial motor vehicle drivers must maintain a record of their driving history using ELDs to adhere to FMCSA requirements. Using the Pacific Track PT30, the ELD app can display engine diagnostics, GPS tracking, driver status change, and various functions contributing to a safer and more productive work environment. 

Moreover, the ELD aids drivers in logging their Hours of Operation, finishing DVIR reports, passing their DOT checks, and sharing requisite data with safety officers for FMCSA compliances in an accessible and cost-effective manner. 

In this regard, the Pacific tracker device PT30, is designed to address the specific requirements of hours-of-service (HOS) mandated by the FMCSA and global regulatory bodies. This dedicated design ensures not only compliance but also facilitates efficient fleet management.

The PT30 establishes a connection via BLE, Bluetooth Low Energy, streamlining data transfer processes for fleet managers and operators. This innovative connectivity enhances efficiency and also contributes to a neat and organized setup.

SteerRight | PT30 ELD Device- Design, Significance and Functionality

Continue reading this space to learn more about the salient features of the PT30 ELD device and its significance.

ELD Hardware PT30- An Insight

The PT30 GPS tracking solution is an ELD that presents a solution for implementing the Hours of Service requirements established by the FMCSA. This device integrates four key functional blocks, each contributing to its strong capabilities: a GPS receiver, a vehicle interface, memory storage, and a Bluetooth Low-Energy transceiver.


Equipped with a single 10-pin interface, the PT30-U simplifies connectivity by requiring a direct link to the vehicle diagnostic port using the provided cable. This diagnostic connector supplies power (usually 12V) and also establishes a connection to the vehicle CAN bus, ensuring broad functionality.

Bluetooth Low Energy

The Bluetooth Low Energy transceiver within the PT30-U operates within the frequency range of 2402 MHz to 2480 MHz at a power of -4 dBm. The integrated antenna on the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) ensures efficient communication. It is noteworthy that the PT30-U lacks serviceable or adjustable components internally, and any unauthorized modification would result in voiding the warranty.


In adherence to HOS regulations, the PT30 must collaborate with an FMCSA certified software application running on a smartphone or tablet. It is vital to understand that a standalone PT30-U alone does not constitute a certified ELD solution. The integration of the PT30 ELD Hardware with certified software is essential for achieving a fully compliant and reliable ELD implementation.

ELD Hardware PT30- Device Features

  • The PT30 is compatible with a range of vehicles, offering interfaces compliant with industry-standard protocols such as J1708/J1587, J1939, and OBD-II. This versatility enables integration across diverse fleets, regardless of the vehicle types and protocols they use
  • The PT30 device streamlines data transfer processes through its BLE wireless interface (Bluetooth Low Energy). This not only enhances efficiency but also eliminates the need for burdensome cables, enabling a more organized and tidy setup for fleet managers and operators.SteerRight | PT30 ELD Device- Design, Significance and Functionality
  • Equipped with GPS components, the PT30 provides location tracking in real-time. This feature provides fleet managers the requisite data for optimization of routes, enabling effective route planning, decreasing fuel expenses, and improving fleet management.
  • The PT30 has sufficient storage capacity and is explicitly designed for supporting offline operations. This invaluable feature ensures uninterrupted data collection in areas with poor or no network connectivity, keeping info locally until restoration of connectivity.
  • The hardware is adjustable to distinctive operational needs, offering adaptable behavior to cater to specific customer requirements and inclinations. This flexibility allows operators and fleet managers to modify the device’s functions to address the diverse demands of their fleets.
  • It also features a 3-axis accelerometer, thereby facilitating an in-depth driving behavior analysis. This valuable tool detects acceleration, slowing, and sideways movement, giving insights for drivers’ performance. This data can be leveraged for promoting safer driving practices, improving safety on the road, and making informed decisions on the basis of a thorough insight into driving behaviors.

The PT30’s Durable Performance

Endurance in adverse environments

The PT30 device is designed to endure the demanding conditions of the transportation industry, offering steady and consistent performance even in adverse environments. This robust durability instills confidence in both drivers and fleet managers, assuring them that the device can withstand the rigors of various operational settings.

Versatile interface across vehicles

The PT30 is an efficient and versatile device as it interfaces with a wide array of vehicles. This adaptability ensures that the PT30 is not just a one-size-fits-all solution but a versatile tool catering to the diverse setups of different fleets.

Enhancing driving performance

When we consider fleet safety, the PT30 exceeds basic functionalities with the inclusion of an Axis Accelerometer in its build. This advanced feature facilitates a comprehensive review of driving performance, offering valuable insights into driver behavior. By detecting acceleration, deceleration, and lateral movement, the PT30 promotes safe driving practices, contributing significantly to overall road safety.

Customization options for targeted management

The PT30 offers customization options, allowing fleet managers and operators to tailor the device’s behavior to meet specific operational needs and preferences. This adaptability facilitates a personalized and optimized approach to fleet management. Overall, the PT30 is a comprehensive and versatile solution that caters to the evolving needs of modern fleets.

Buy the PT30 Wholesale Bundle at Steer Right

Suffice to say, the PT30 is a reliable and versatile ELD designed to cater to transportation industry demands. With BLE connectivity, versatile interface compatibility, real-time GPS tracking, and customizable features, it caters efficiently to fleets of all sizes. Its offline data storage and driving behavior analysis further enhance its value in the transportation and logistics sector for both compliance and safety. 

You can purchase a wholesale bundle for PT30 ELD Hardware at Steer Right to streamline fleet operations and compliance. This package provides bulk purchase discounts and a simple procurement procedure, making it an ideal option for fleets of any size. Invest in this cost-effective solution to equip your vehicles with dependable and compliant ELD hardware and improve your fleet efficiency.

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